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Rainbow Shield (Improving the legal protection of LGBTI people in Bulgaria)

The main objective of the project Rainbow Shield, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme is to improve the legal protection of LGBTI people in Bulgaria by improving the qualifications of lawyers to lead cases of LGBTI people, as well as improving their practices and methodologies in this area.

On the Brink of Acceptance: Fighting Discrimination by Strategizing and Empowerment for the LGBTI Community in Bulgaria (BrinkItOn)

The overall aim of the BrinkItOn project, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020), is to improve the social acceptance of LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

Смяна на пола на транс и интерсекс хора в България: Изследване на правната рамка и съдебната практика и стратегия за подобряването им (2012 г.)

The project created the basis for elaboration of National Litigation Strategy on Gender Reassignment for Trans and Intersex People based on regulatory impact assessment (evaluation of the laws and regulations which have any kind of relevance to gender reassignment) and setting specific targets for improving the procedure for gender reassignment.

Elaboration of a Roadmap for LGBTI Equality in Bulgaria (2014)

The project promoted the idea of a national LGBTI equality plan to the Bulgarian authorities. Bilitis refered to resolutions of the European Parliament, and EU countries’ best practices in adoption of roadmaps for LGBTI equality as the basis for developing of policy statements, which were presented to progressively-minded politicians who share the EU values.

Transition to and integration at a new workplace for LGBT people (Окт. 2017 – Окт. 2019)

With this project “KliQ vzw” aims to improve the situation of all LGBT people – and by extension gender nonconforming people – in the labor market. The project focuses on the first stage of integration in the workplace (1st year).

Promoting School Environments Inclusive of Diversity based on SOGI

The main objective of the CHOICE project, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, is to prevent and combat all kinds of intolerance and discrimination in schools, as well as the resulting violence and abuse.

LoveMoves: The Rights of Recognized Same-Sex Partners Moving across the EU

The objective of the LoveMoves project was to oppose discrimination practices of Member States who don’t treat same-sex couples recognized in another jurisdiction as such and thus violate the right of free movement within the European Union by identifying and analysing the situation of same-sex couples with recognition in another EU member state who travel or reside in Bulgaria