Bilitis in the media

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Women during a pandemic. How to cope mentally?

80% of students are bullied at school, often by teachers.

Какво е да си ЛГБТИ активист?

What are the attitudes towards students with different sexuality

Monika Pisankaneva in THEY ARE ep.18 / ТЕ СА

Visiting Факти.бг before Sofia Pride 2019

“Love without consequences” – brutal gay propaganda or sex education?

Billboards with homosexual couples: campaign for tolerance or propaganda?

Bulgaria ranks 24th in the EU for tolerance towards same-sex couples

HOURS BEFORE THE PRIDE: Will Bulgarian politicians go?

“Patriots” vs homosexuals in dispute: should “Sofia Pride” be held?

The courage to be – what is it like to be a successful woman with homosexual orientation in Bulgaria and how much is this success worth?

ILGA-Europe podcast The Frontline, Bulgaria and the Spread of European Anti-LGBTI Populism
LGBT Rights (feat. Simeon Vassilev and Lili Dragoeva), Talk Internet, June 2020.
"We believe that everything will be fine and we will come out of the crisis more cohesive and better!"
"I've got three commotio's on my record." From Stonewall to the day gay pride marches become redundant.
Before we let love in | BNR
The black sheep in society | Darik Radio
Free Europe reports on attitudes towards LGBTI people in Bulgaria
For societies that don't like "different" | BNR
Interview for Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Vanguard Magazine, page 12
Sofia Pride celebrates 10 years | BNR
Orlando shooting - topic of "Who's Talking?" | Darik Radio
What does the European Commission’s LGBTIQ Equality Strategy mean for CEE?
Abortion ban a major setback for women's rights in Poland | BNR
March in support of gender equality and against domestic violence
"Celebrating diversity in the community" - interview with Gloria Filipova
New attack on LGBTI centre Rainbow Hub

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