Events Program of Sofia LGBTI Community Fest 2019

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LGBTI community Fest

Monday, 9th of December

National Students House


18:30 “15 Years of Queer Magic”


We will open Sofia LGBTI Community Fest by celebrating a double birthday! The Festival and the organization behind, Bilitis”, have their 15th anniversary this year! The exhibition “15 achievements for 15 years” will show the history of “Bilitis”, the oldest LGBTI organization in Bulgaria, and the stories of it’s founders will bring extra life to the images and the long queer journey they started.


20:30 Spill the T

panel discussion

In 2019 we marked 50 years since the Stonewall riots that set the beginning of the queer movement. In Bulgaria, however, we don’t seem to talk about the people who started the fight for LGBTI liberation. We invite you to start together a long discussion, aiming to create more visibility and solidarity. Let’s find out who stands behind the T in LGBTI, what does it mean to be trans, non-binary or genderfluid. Let’s hear what the people representing this community have to say about their experiences in Bulgaria and give a voice both to the challenges they face every day and the beauty of  their identities.


Tuesday, 10th of December

National Students House


18:30 Queer Sexual Health


“IVOR”, the men’s sexual health foundation and the women’s group “QueerFemme” bring their experience together to discuss sexual health in the context of the LGBTI community.


20:30 Human Li𐐒rary


Join us to exchange of experiences in the bisexual community. Let’s share about the hardships, positives and unknowns of the bi identities. Some of us will get into the role of open books, giving you the answers and pieces of advice you need. However, we can always switch roles because each and every one of us carries a story within that has to be shared. 


Wednesday, 11th of December

Fabrika Avtonomia


18:30 Butch Much?

non-formal discussion

Is there one right way to be a queer woman? What does it mean to be butch? What are the difficulties and challenges butch women face within and outside of the community? Are there stereotypes about them? Is there a lack of representation of butch women in culture?


20:30 Witches Against the Patriarchy


What are witches? What is the reason herbology is considered a “female science”? Why have potions and poisons always been connected to women? What are superstitions? Why were women burnt at the stake? What was the female role in building the contemporary economic system? Join us so we can mix some potions and find out the answers to those and other questions together!


Thursday, 12th of December

Derrida Stage


19:30 On the Table

“On the table” is a devising verbatim theatre, representing documented stories of LGBTI people and their own inner struggle, social collision and aspiration for coming out in the moment of facing the most important thing – the family.


Friday, 13th of December

National Students House


18:30 Queer Future

plan meeting

Is there anything more fitting than talking about the future on Friday 13th! What are you dreaming of changing in Bulgaria for LGBTI people, what is worth fighting for in the next few years and what can we realistically achieve as a community? This meeting is organised after a series of community meetings, where we heard the opinion of various groups within the LGBTI+ and strives to help us paint the bigger picture together. There’s no possibility of a black cat crossing our path, because the future is queer even in Bulgaria!


20:30 Owning the Game / Visual self-representation of the LGBTQ+ Roma


Queer Roma people don’t get much visibility and if they do, they are usually portrayed as powerless victims. This photo exhibition shows us what would happen if they are in charge to portray themselves. They do not deny the difficulties they face in society, but would like to be pictured as a strong and beautiful community that deserves to be part of the mainstream LGBTQ+ movement as well.


Saturday, 14th of December

Fabrika Avtonomia


21:00 Clothing Swap 

Clothing has always been one of the best forms of self expression since it is not permanent in any way and can be changed up every day. Clothing can also be a tool for visibility when it comes to our gender expression. That’s why for yet another year, we are organising a clothing swap! Bring some clothes you’re no longer using and would like to exchange for others that might fit what you would like to show to the world nowadays more. Let’s remind ourselves that clothes are there to serve us – for fun, for sending a message and most importantly so we feel good in them!

Under a Queer Spell…


Join us for the closing party of the fest where we will truly immerse ourselves in some queer magic by covering each other in fairy glitter, dancing to the enchanting music of DJ Baby Dyke and letting our mystical drag artists cast a spell (or 20) on us!


Sunday, 15th of December

Rainbow Hub


13:30 Recognize the Rights and Act


Practical interactive workshop on recognizing and taking action in cases of discrimination.


15:00 Magical Tea Party


We will dedicate the last day of the fest to calm but interesting activities like warming ourselves up with a cup of tea or coffee, gossiping, hearing and giving feedback about the past week and last but not least – finding out interesting things about out fate according to the Taro cards or our own palms. The beverages and snacks are on us – you only have to bring your honesty and good mood!