LBTI Women Group

What is QueerFemme?

QueerFemme is a group of LBTI women. With it, we at Bilitis aim to provide a space for people to share and support each other. It’s important to us to have safe spaces where queer women and people coming out of the binary feel safe to share and support each other. We strive for QueerFemme to be such a place.

Who can participate?

All lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex women and welcome!

When the groups happen?

We meet twice a month and talk about any topics that interest us. Sometimes we talk about more personal things like coming out, relationships, how we deal with LGBTI-phobia at school or work. We also often talk about topics that are related to the LGBTI community and feminism, which are more informative. Normally we meet at Rainbow Hub, but currently our meetings are held online. When the weather is nice we also have vegan picnics or informal meetings over a beer or a tea.

Join QueerFemme!

If you are a LBTI woman or a non-binary person and want to be part of a community of inspired and inspiring people, QueerFemme is your place!


Gloriya Filipova
Gloriya Filipova SQ

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