A community of bisexual, bi-curious people and anyone who self-identifies as falling under the bi+ umbrella.

What is BInonymous?

BInonymous is a community group that aims to bring together bisexual, pansexual and bi-curious people, regardless of their gender identity. During the meetings we touch on topics related to dealing with LGBTI-phobia, relationships, art, activism, human rights and mainly our experiences as bisexual people.

Who can join?

The group is open to anyone identifying as bisexual. All people who fall under the bi+ umbrella of sexualities are welcome.

When the groups happen?

During the epidemic, group meetings occur twice a month in a hybrid format – online and on-site at the Rainbow Hub Community Center. Together we choose the day and time of our meetings.

Join BInonymous!

If you fall under the bi+ umbrella of sexualities or are just bi-curious and want to become part of a community of inspired and inspiring people, BInonymous is your place!

Manuela Popova SQ


Manuela Popova

“I believe kindness and empathy are choices we can all make very easily.”

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