T.I.A.: Trans* & Intersex

T.I.A. is a community group for trans and intersex people and their allies and aims to provide support and the youth activist group is a place to empower trans* leaders.

What is T.I.A?

The informal group T.I.A. (Transgender, Intersex and Allies) came into being and continues to exist on the basis of mutual support, awareness and discussion on various topics. Its activities are aimed at the transgender, intersex, gender non-confirming and other identities outside the gender binary community, as well as professionals interested in the subject, friends and family.

The group’s main goal is to raise awareness in order to reject stigma, prejudice, discrimination and lies, and to provide support and assistance when needed and available!

Who can participate?

Every intersex or trans person, their friends and family, and professionals. 

When and how the group meets?

Bilitis provides a safe space for T.I.A. meetings within the Rainbow Hub Community Center. Due to the epidemiological situation, group meetings occur twice a month or less frequently (depending on the group’s desire) and are conducted in a hybrid format – online and on-site at the Rainbow Hub.

Are you a trans person and interested in activism?

Become part of TransMission, our activist group for trans youth! The group has mutual support meetings to discuss topics related to the challenges the trans community faces, as well as trainings and meetings to plan and implement initiatives to support the trans community.

Join in T.I.A!

If you are a trans* or intersex person and want to become part of a community of inspired and inspiring people, our trans* groups are your place!

Pol Naydenov SQ


Pol Naidenov

“We don’t need anyone’s approval for our existence!”

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