Meet Simeon from WORKITOUT

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This publication will introduce you to the heroes of our support groups. We are proud to present the facilitator of the group WorkItOut – Simeon Vasilev.

Who are you? Introduce yourself.

Simeon, a part of the team of GLAS Foundation and Sofia Pride, an activist and an avid traveler, at least when traveling was still possible (he laughs).

What makes you take a stand for LGBT causes?

The misconception that LGBT people want “special rights”, while they just want to have the same rights as everyone else. The injustice prevalent in society, the lack of any kind of protection from discrimination, the lack of recognition of same gender relationships, the list is quite long. But one of the foundational factors remain the stories of hundreds of queer people, with whom me and my colleagues communicate every single day. The stories of children thrown out of their homes, the stories of trans people fighting for gender change and recognition, the stories of the couples who wish to adopt children. And here the list is infinite.

To what other causes do you lend your time to and why?

The conservation of nature, recycling, distributing literature and stimulating reading, support for retired people. I’m a part of the team of Credo Bonum, a foundation that organizes events and campaigns around the aforementioned themes, which actively help to create social change. But I also get riled up by all big forms of social injustice and I join a lot of other different movements. The last one I joined was P.U.L.S. Foundation and their absolutely necessary sexual education at schools.

You are a traveler – which is your most favorite destination?

You’re trying to make me cry, right? (he laughs). My favourite destination is the one that lies ahead.

Who/What inspires you and motivates you every day?

Sport and people, books and music, nature.