Meet Gogi from QueerFemme

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Gloriya Filipova

This interview series will introduce you to the heroes of our support groups. We are proud to present to you the facilitator of the group QueerFemme – Glorya Filipova.

Who is Gogi? Introduce yourself.

Gogi is an activist by soul and, luckily, by profession. I’m interested in all kinds of campaigns connected with LGBTI rights, feminism and overall human and animal rights. I love to read, to write and to fangirl. If you enjoy obsessing over fictional characters, then we are the exact same breed!

What’s the best thing about being the Project and communication manager of Bilitis?

The best thing is to see the little changes that are happening. We often see the big picture and feel that nothing is changing but great things are happening in the community. Especially in our job with LGBTI youth I’m delighted to see how fast a young person can grow, feel comfortable in their skin and believe in their abilities. I constantly meet brave people who not only strive for a better future but also for a better present, for that to be together and to have fun here and now. That brings me a lot of joy and hope.

What would you change for the community if you had a magic wand?

Of course I would get rid of any form of discrimination towards LGBTI people. However, this sounds too idealistic, so I will give you another answer. I would show the people in the community how strong we are together. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but I truly believe in the power of the community and that we are on the right side of history. The change is already happening without a magic wand, even though if I had one, it would be faster. (here she is laughing)

Three things that make you happy?

A good book, good company and а job done well.

What’s the most valuable lesson you´ve learned through your work at Bilitis?

That a person has to believe in their abilities and act. When I started volunteering for Bilitis in 2014, I was quite scared, but I had the desire to help. Bilitis gave me the opportunity not only to help the LGBTI community in Bulgaria but also to help myself, to believe in my abilities and ideas and to act bravely.  The best moments happen when we are authentic to ourselves and our fears often stand in the way. That’s why our mission is to empower LGBTI people and to build a strong community.

Translated by Jen K.