Live Without Bullying

Online chat to support victims of bullying at school


The online chat platform of the Bilitis Foundation aims to promote an inclusive school environment and to combat all kinds of intolerance and discrimination in schools, as well as the bullying and violence they generate.

The chat offers support from trained expert psychologists to young people and teenagers who are victims of bullying, as well as to their parents and teachers.

Here, both young people and older people have access to separate counselling and information services tailored to their specific needs, provided anonymously and free of charge.

Our ultimate goal is to create an online community where all members can share their experiences and views on bullying with mutual respect and understanding and offer their wealth of experience and support.

Who the chat platform is useful for?

  • Young people and teenagers who have been bullied at school or are at risk of being bullied; young people who bully their peers; young people who witness school bullying.
  • For young people whose families are affected by bullying at school (parents of child victims and perpetrators).
  • For parents whose families are affected by bullying at school (parents of child victims and child perpetrators).
  • For teachers and education staff who work with students who are victims and/or perpetrators of bullying at school.
  • For psychologists and social workers who wish to volunteer as consultants on the platform.

A specially trained counsellor will talk to you free of charge and anonymously.

Attention: chat with our specialists is active every day between 18 and 22 hours. Any message sent after 10pm will be seen the next day after 6pm by the first available advisor.


About the chat:

  1. Our discussions have a specific theme: talk about what concerns the school and cyber brakes.
  2. We write in English or Bulgarian with the Cyrillic alphabet. Writing in Bulgarian with Latin script (6l1okavitca) is prohibited.
  3. The chat space is monitored by the administrator, who has the final say on any issue regarding the management of the chat. For security purposes, all messages are recorded.
  4. The discussion area is used by us: youth and counselors. Other users do not have access. The administrators of the platform have the right to terminate the access of any user if it is found that he does not belong to these two categories.
  5. Participation in our chat space is anonymous in order to protect the identity of participants.
  6. Respect for the person of all users is essential.

In the chat is prohibited:

  • The use of offensive descriptions and insulting comments to any person we address.
  • Insulting the person of other users or a third party in any way.
  • Any other behaviour that is not appropriate in a benign group discussion environment.
  • In case of violation of the above, the administrator will warn the user. If, despite the warnings, the violations continue, then the user’s access to the chat space will be restricted and the user will probably be denied access to the website.
  • If we encounter a technical problem, we can ask for help using the “Contact Us” form.

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