Feminist group

Bilitis is LGBTI organization with feminist identity, vision and values and is open to interns and volunteers, sharing feminist values as well. Our approach takes into account the interconnected influence of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender manifestation, race, social status, ethnicity and religion, disability and others on the social positioning of the individual and how others treat him/her. In our understanding, the equality of LGBTI people is directly connected to overcoming the limitations of heteronormative, patriarchal-sexist structures in society, which set gender roles and stereotypes, imprison us within the binary perseptions of “male” and “female” and thus nurture homophobia and transphobia.

That is why over the years, besides the fact that feminism is part of our work, we organize events and initiatives dedicated to feminist topics.

Since November 2017 Bilitis is organizing monthly queer-feminist meetings, part of the project “LGBTI people rising for change”, funded by ILGA-Europe. The meetings aim to form a group of both LGBTI people and heteto and cis allies, who have an interest in the feminist movement. During the queer-feminist meetings, feminist topics are discussed from a queer perspective, as well as LGBTI topics from a feminist perspective. The group aims to spread the values of feminism and equality, creating a space for discussion on a variety of topics according to the interest of the participants.

Banner Workshop

In March the group gathered for a workshop, during which everyone could make a banner with а message, addressing the problems LBT women face. The group then joined the Women’s rights manifestation on 8th of March in support for victims of domestic and gender-based violence and gave visibility to the problems of queer women.

Non-binary Workshop

In February one of our Queer Feminist meetings was hosted by Kai Guerrero – a non-binary activist from Spain. Through games and interactive presentation, Kai introduced the different gender identities and gender expression that go beyond the binary framework of a man-woman.

In September 2018, again in collaboration with Kai Guerrero, the group organized an event on the topic of fatphobia. The event touched on topics such as discrimination and acceptance, and allowed participants to share personal experiences with fatphobia – hatred, negative attitudes and / or discrimination against obese people. The group discussed why fatphobia is a feminist problem and how we can deal with it.

At the end of December, the feminist group merged with KEF, club for eclectic feminism, which you can follow here.

The regular meetings of the group are held according to a schedule set by the group itself from October to June. Additional meetings during the summer are held at the initiative of the group members and are announced with individual invitations to other members. 
Currently the group does not have regular meetings, but if interested, contact us at: g.filipova@bilitis.org