Nowadays more and more LGBTI people form families and decide to raise children. The lack of a legal framework, which allows any form of registration and legalization of LGBTI people’s families leads to a number of obstacles, which LGBTI people face. LGBTI families and Parenting is one of the areas in which Bilitis is working hard in partnership with GLAS Foundation and LGBT Youth Organization Deystvie.

In November 2017 Bilitis launched a group for people interested in co-parenting. The term co-parenting means a form of partnership, in which two or more people, who do not necessarily have a romantic relationship, partner on a rational basis in order to have common children and take care of them. The purpose of the group is to start a discussion on the topic and create a community of people not necessarily LGBTI, who are interested.The participants of the group discuss both the practical aspects of parenting and raising children, as well as personal concerns and tips for dealing with everyday challenges.

The meetings follow the whole process of co-parenting, starting with a discussion of the meaning of the term co-parenting. The participants then went through the various ways of finding suitable partners, the technical aspects of the partnership such as cohabitation, co-parents’ rights and obligations.

There were also medical experts attending the meetings, who spoke about the importance of having a healthy pregnancy and raising children. The meetings were attended by LGBTI parents who shared their experiences of raising children in the context of Bulgaria.

The first round of meetings ended with role-playing games, through which participants applied what they have learned during the meetings and developed their own plan for their future as parents.

The regular meetings of the group are held according to a schedule set by the group itself from October to June. Additional meetings during the summer are held at the initiative of the group members and are announced with individual invitations to other members. 
Currently the group does not have regular meetings, but if interested, contact us at: