Self-Support Groups

safe space for meetings, discussions and support


safe space for LGBTI youth

If you are aged between 14 and 29, belong to the LGBTIQ+ community and want to become part of an inspiring and inclusive community, BraveLab is the right place for you!

Queer Femme

self-support group for LBT women

From the Fall of 2018 Bilitis launched a self-support group for LBT women. At the moment there is no safe space for LBT women to discuss important topics, that are free of sexism, homo-, bi- and transphobia, and other types of oppression. The purpose of the group is to empower and unite the queer women community in Sofia.


Trans Activists Group

Bilitis has been supporting the informal Trans Activists Group (TIA) for consolidating and holding regular live meetings since 2017.

30+ LGBTI Group

група за лгбти 30+

From the Fall of 2018 Bilitis will launch a self-support group for LGBTI people over the age of 30. In relation to our work with other self-support groups, we have found that there is a strong need for a space for people from this age group to meet, share their experiences, everyday challenges and ideas



Nowadays more and more LGBTI people form families and decide to raise children. The lack of a legal framework, which allows any form of registration and legalization of LGBTI people’s families leads to a number of obstacles, which LGBTI people face. LGBTI families and Parenting is one of the areas in which Bilitis is working hard in partnership with GLAS Foundation and LGBT Youth Organization Deystvie.

Feminist group

Група за ЛГБТИ жени

Bilitis is LGBTI organization with feminist identity, vision and values and is open to interns and volunteers, sharing feminist values as well.