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New Social Movements and Sexuality

Download here Edited by Melinda Chateauvert, Bilitis Resource Center, Sofia 2006 ISBN 10: 954-91940-1-9, ISBN 13: 978-954-91940-1-2

Schools for All? The status of LGBTI students and teachers in Bulgarian schools

During the period January – October 2015, Bilitis Resource Center conducted a qualitative research study which answers the question, “To what extent do secondary schools in Sofia, Bulgaria provide an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex students and teachers?”

Rainbow Families in Bulgaria

Authors:Gloriya Filipova, Monika Pisankaneva
Bilitis Resource Center Foundation,Sofia 2017, ISBN: 978-954-91940-4-3
The study analyzes the situation of LGBTI families in Bulgaria and is based on semi-structured interviews with 26 LGBTI families from four bulgarian cities (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Ruse)

Free Movement of EU Citizens – Rights and Challenges to Same-Sex Families in Bulgaria

Homophobia and unequal treatment of LGBTI people are still widespread in the European Union. Indicators of their level in individual Member States vary and the situation is seemingly better in some countries, but the data show that full equality for this group has not been achieved in any of them.