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Between August 13 and 18, 2019 Lilly Dragoeva, Executive Director of Bilitis, visited the Danish capital and took part in the Copenhagen Pride Week 2019. Lilly was there at the invitation of the event organizers in order to get acquainted with the work of the team and to learn more about the organization, the topics

Sofia Pride is the biggest human rights event in Bulgaria and is organized by a non-formal organizing committee, consisting of representatives of the LGBT organizations – LGBT Youth Organization Deystvie and GLAS Foundation, as well as representatives of Bulgarian Helsinki Committee and the non-formal group Queer Squad. Bilitis is part of Sofia Pride Organizing committee

In 2018, Bilitis introduced Sofia Pride Sports – sports festival which includes variety of sports and wellbeing events new series of events connected to sports as part of Sofia Pride Month. Sofia Pride – Sports aims on addressing important for the LGBTI community topics through sports and introducing sports as part of the queer community

Bilitis was one of the initiators of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (when Stana Ilieva was a volunteer at Bilitis) in 2013 as a means of raising awareness on violence against women, and involving men as allies. This event attracted a number of partners, among which the Information Center of the European Parliament